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The Light Eternal       

A Story of the Four Chaplins

The year 2000 was highly anticipated and charged with lofty goals.  The AHS Marching Band under the leadership of Sam T. and Katherine S. set its goals on the State Marching Contest.  The marching band fell just short of its ultimate goal, but achieved the bands highest placement ever at Area marching. 

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The pieces that the marching band played this year were written from a concert band piece by James Swearingen.  Mr. Martinez and Mr. Haley arranged and designed the show which tells the story of the four chaplins.

The opener was entitled 'A Celebration of Life', it represented the sailing of the American destoyer as it left port for the open seas; 'The Sinking of the Ship', which was when a German u-boat torpedoed the ship and hundreds of lives were lost; and 'The Resolution of the Souls', which featured a wonderful arrangement of "God of our Fathers". 

It was a year in which the band streched its wings and received straight 1's at UIL and seventh at Area.  In addition, the band recieved top drum majors and top drumline honors in class 3A at the Mesquite Marching Festival; as well as the band recieving a div.1 and the drumline recieving top drumline at the Birdville Festival.  The drumline and colorguard competed at the 2nd Annual Crowley Drumline Competition and finished second overall.


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Drum Majors: Sam T. and Katherine S.