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Symphonic Band


The AHS Symphonic Band is the non-varsity ensemble during concert season and is directed by Mr. Haley.  The 2001-2002 Symphonic Band, under the direction of Mr. Barron, received a 1,1,1 in concert and a 2,2,3 in sight-reading.  Also, congratulations to the Symphonic Band for recieving straight div. 1 ratings at the Metrofest Music Festival in Richardson.

Symphonic Band History:

1997: Director-Mr. Lewis

1998: Director-Mr. Martinez/UIL program-Spartans of Tomorrow, Blue Ridge Saga/UIL results-1,1,1 and 1,1,1.

1999: Director-Mr. Haley/UIL program-Alamo March, Creed/UIL results-1,1,2 and 1,1,1.

2000: Director-Mr. Haley/UIL program-Cordoba March, Balladair, Songs of the Whaleman/UIL results-1,2,2 and 1,1,1.

2001: Director-Mr. Haley/UIL program-Algeria March, Greenwillow Portrait, Kenya Contrast/UIL results-1,1,1 and 1,1,2.

2002: Director-Mr. Barron/UIL program-Rumissburger March, Childhood Hymn, Rhythm Machine/UIL results-1,1,1 and 2,2,3


Here are some sound clips from our UIL stage contest in 1998:

Sound file Taken from
spartan.wav Spartans of Tomorrow
blueridge.wav Blue Ridge Saga