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Alvarado High School has different bands that differ in size, purpose, and musical presentation.  The marching bands are made up of about 100 to 140 students and perform several marching shows throughout the fall season.  A marching band is composed of brass instruments, woodwind instruments, a colorguard that adds general effect to the overall show, and a drumline made up of a front ensemble, otherwise known as a "pit", and a battery consisting of snare drums, tenor drums, and bass drums that marches on the field.

The Symphonic Band is made up of the usual concert instrumentation and is our junior varsity concert band, it also goes to U.I.L. Concert and Sight-Reading contest and various concerts and competitions throughout the spring semester.

The Wind Ensemble also contains the instrumentation of a usual concert band.  Being a bit more advanced than the symphonic band, the wind ensemble would be known as the varsity concert band.  It also performs at various concerts and competitions during the spring semester.


The Jazz Band rehearses after school and performs after marching season has ended. The jazz band is composed of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and a rhythm section.  Swing is a style of music that is often played in jazz band, as well as a bit of Latin and rock.

In addition to our bands, we have a number of other small ensembles which rehearse after school such as percussion ensemble/winter drumline, and several woodwind and brass ensembles.  In the future we hope to develop a competing winter colorguard!

We are very proud of all of our bands here at AHS.  They represent our band program well and are each unique and extraordinary in existence.