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Alumni Registration



Alumni Registration
Bands of the Past





Welcome to the Alvarado High School band alumni registration page.   If you were once a member of the Alvarado High School band, we would greatly like to hear from you!  Please provide us with the following information so that we can add you to our alumni page.  First and last names are required, but the other fields are completely optional.

All information you provide below will become available to all visitors to the AHS Golden Warrior Band Web site.  Once you have submitted your information, it will appear on the alumni page in two to three working days.

If you are currently on our alumni page and you would like to update your information, please resubmit your information.  All fields left blank will remain unchanged.

If you are currently on our alumni page and would like to have your information removed, simply resubmit your first and last names only.  We will remove your entry as soon as possible.

First name:
Last name:
Maiden name:
Zip code:
E-mail address:
Personal web site:
Year graduated:
Instrument(s) played:
What are you doing now?
Memories and comments: