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Alumni Registration
Bands of the Past





This page features past Alvarado High School band members who have registered as alumni.  If you are a previous band member and would like to be added to this page, click "Alumni Registration" at the left to register!

Names are sorted in alphabetical order.  To quickly find a name by last name, click one of the groups below:

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Adams II, Richard

305 Birchwood; Azle, TX 76020

Personal Web Site:

Year Graduated: 1992

Memories and comments: Falling down the stairs my senior of high school and splitting my head open.

What I'm doing now: Working for TMI Services, a company that does convenience store reporting and web development. I am the webmaster there. Other than that, life.

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Barton, Linda (Strickland)

P. O. Box 1776; Alvarado, TX 76009

Year Graduated: 1959

Instrument(s) played: Clarinet, Served as Majorette

Memories and comments: My years in the Alvarado band were the best part of my high school years.

What I'm doing now: After having taught in public schools for 36 years, I am retiring this May to rest and play with my grandsons, Nicholas and Dane Redman.

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Buckley, Kesha

304 Colonial Place; Everman, TX. 76140

Year Graduated: 1998

Instrument(s) played: Alto/Baritone Sax, Flag Corp, and Drum Major

What I'm doing now: I work for the Limited, Inc. where I do a lot of nothing and I enjoy my free time.

Memories and comments: The best time I had in High School was with the Band. I got along with everyone, under- and upper-classmen alike. I lived for Friday night football games and Saturday contests. I know that anyone who participated in the GW Band will never forget their fellow members- I know I won't!   GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS!

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Burns, Jeffrey

102 Hopper St.; Alvarado, TX 76009

Year Graduated: 1995

Instrument(s) played: Alto saxophone

Memories and comments: Having fun at football games and on band trips

What I'm doing now: Besides working on this page, I'm currently majoring in
computer science and engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington.  I plan to graduate in May 2000.  I'm currently employed as a programmer at Kronos, Inc., a time and attendance software company.

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Burns, Shannon

10705 Second Street; Mansfield, TX 76063

Year Graduated: 1996

Instrument(s) played: clarinet, flag corp

Memories and comments: Band was one of the best times of my high school life.  I loved being on the flag corp.  My favorite memories were the football games and the different trips for contests.  I liked the directors that were a part of my growing experience from 6th grade-12th grade; and my senior year, I met two people who would later become two of the truest friends I have ever had or will ever know.

What I'm doing now: I have just completed my first semester of graduate school.   I am working on a Master of Arts degree in Counceling at Dallas Babtist Univ. I do secretarial wwork at my church.  I love being the color guard instructor for the Alvarado Golden Warrior Band!

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Garcia, Raymond

301 W. College; Alvarado, TX. 76009

Year Graduated: 1992

Instrument(s) played: Drums, Alto sax

What I'm doing now: U.S. Navy

Memories and comments:  JAZZ BAND

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Jean, Steven

1108 S. Sparks; Alvarado, TX 76009

Year Graduated: 1996

Instrument(s) played: Baritone

Memories and comments: Band That says it All.

What I'm doing now: I am employed by the city of Alvarado, as the city's First PAID Firefighter

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Jones, Jessi

P.O. Box 62; Moberly, MO 65270

Year Graduated: I haven't graduated yet, I'm still in high school.

Instrument(s) played: Flute

Memories and comments: I have lots of really great memories of the short amount of time that I played in the high school band, which was about 1 1/2 years.  But I think the trip to Corpus is my best memory ever.  To all those students who think that y'all have a strict dress code, don't!  They are only doing it to make you look better.  People with odd colored hair, facial hair, and really inappropriate outfits are a real distraction.  So don't think that the dress code is bad.  To all the band directors, y'all are the greatest! And I miss y'all dearly!  Band members, don't get mad when the directors strive for perfection, it'll sound a lot better than if they don't.  They know what they are doing.  I promise!  To all my friends in Alvarado, keep in touch so y'all will give me the will power to make it in this town.  I miss and love everyone!! Anyone who wants to e-mail, please do so.  Bye for now but not forever!!

What I'm doing now: I am currently living in Moberly, Mo and i am attending Moberly Senior high School.  I am a sophomore.  Hopefully I will get to graduate early and come back home, that is if I'm not already back home.   I am still in the band. I did get a new flute.  Today (11-24-99) the band had a chair test and I got third chair flute out of six flutes.  Which is a good starting point to achieve my goals.  I would like to thank everyone who has written me and called me, because of y'all it is giving me the courage to survive in this town.  Keep in touch with me.  I miss and love everybody.  To all the band directors, y'all are the best!!  I wish I was still there.

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Lambert, Leveda

P.O. Box 20; Three Rivers, TX 78071

Year Graduated: 1982

Instrument(s) played: flute, piccolo, French horn, baritone

Memories and comments: I remember very vividly the night that the Alvarado Middle School burnt.  The Golden Warrior Band had to march at district competition the next day in Temple.  It goes with out saying that it was not a good trip.

What I'm doing now: Teacher: Federal Bureau of Prisons, 1991 - present

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Leonard, Jeremy

628 E. Kearney; Springfield, MO. 65803

Year Graduated: 1998

Instrument(s) played: Trombone

What I'm doing now: Going to Baptist Bible College as a Music Education major.

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Meier, Julianna

9600 CR 505; Alvarado, TX., 76009

Year Graduated: 2000

Instrument(s) played: Clarinet

What I'm doing now: I am a music education major at West Texas A&M University in Conyon, TX. I teach private clarinet lessons in Amarillo listening to the wonderful sqeaking and squawking of sixth graders, but I absolutely love it!  I am also a RA (Residential Assistant) in Stafford Hall, which is a lot of fun. College is great and I love Canyon, but I look forward to coming home on breaks and during the summer!

Memories and comments:  I loved everything about the Alvarado Band program from marching season to concert season.  My best memories are being Drum Major for two years, sometimes I wish I could have those days back!   The football games, pep rallies, contest, and even Monday night practices were so much fun. I think that being Drum Major helped make me decide that I really wanted to be a Band Director.  I love all of my music classes that I am taking.  Music has always been so exciting for me from the sixth grade to the present day!  I just love music, and I am grateful that is such a major part of my life!

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Miller, Jeff

1770 Logan Ln; Mandeville, LA. 70448

Year Graduated: 1971

Instrument(s) played: Bass Drum, String Bass

What I'm doing now: Graduate of Howard Payne University; Brownwood, TX and Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA.- Employed by Shell Exploration and Production as a planner and staff facilities engineer.

Memories and comments: Looking back, I think that band really helped us to appreciate good music and the many talents that it took to make everything sound like it was effortless. I enjoyed the trips- even when the bus drivers became lost and we got back to town early in the morning!  Hope everone is doing well - I don't get back to Alvarado nearly enough these days but I still call it home.

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Owens, Eric

MAJOR.jpg (42197 bytes)

209 Varsity Cir.; Arlington, Tx. 76013

Year Graduated: 1986

Instrument(s) played: Alto, Tenor, Bari Sax; Bassoon, Keyboard

Memories and comments: Was head drum major from Summer of '84 untill '86. Remember Mr. Sam well, he was a great man and Jazz Band was fun. The coolest moment was the standing ovation we recieved from the home fans of Cedar Hill in 1985 when we did our patriotic show and ended with the band outlining the state of Texas. Cedar Hill had a half-time lead of like 24-0 and we came back and won; what a night! Georgia almost ran over Mr. Sam with the bus. I also remember playing in Ferris after a hard rain, the field was terrible. Some girl had her shoe pulled of by a section of the mud and when I found the shoe after the show the fans had a hoot! I could go on and on. Wish you guys could get us old folks back to play with you sometime. That would be a blast!

What I'm doing now: Minister at Arlington Babtist Temple. I work with teenagers but have been our churches sole minister of music since 1995. I will be giving that up soon to continue to devote more time to our teens at the church.

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Owens, Jennifer

P. O. Box 305441; Denton, TX 76203

Year Graduated: 1999

Instrument(s) played: Clarinet

Memories and comments: I remember when Jenn decided that she was going to undress in the band hall.  Way to go Frutas!! I remember all of the playoff games, they were the best.  And of course the crazy San Antonio Trip my Freshman year when I got sick at the Hard Rock Cafe.  I miss being in band with you guys.  Love ya'll!! ;)

What I'm doing now: I am currently majoring in Biology, at the University of North Texas in Denton.  I am also involved in Air Force ROTC, Detachment 835.  And no I don't play my horn as much as I used to.  Although I said I wanted to major in music, oh well things in life change.

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Pace, Ryan

3 Royalcrest Rd. Apt 3cl; Hyde Park, NY 12538

Personal Web Site:

Year Graduated: 1998

Instrument(s) played: Trombone

Memories and comments: I met some great people in band. Some that I have not seen in a long time. The directors were great, they would always gave it their best, in return they expected our best. I remember always getting a laugh when the announcers always said our name wrong. I think my freshman year was the greatest year of being in band. I hardly knew what I was doing, but that was the most exciting part, not knowing what was next. I also remember some great friends, Jeremy Leonard, Brandy Sparks, Katy Reynolds, and Jaron Robinson.  Some of the people in the band who were very special, people who the freshman looked up to were, Jennifer Yawn, and her friend Brandi. Bryant Hicks, Cody Cawvey, and Jeffrey Burns were also great and a big help to us. These area just a few of great memories of being in the AHS band.

What I'm doing now: I am a student at the Culinary Institute of America. I will graduate in November 2001 and then go for my B.P.S. in culinary arts management. I have been in the deans list all semesters and am 4th in my class of 150. I have met many cool people and chefs at my school and have met the Zagat's, an Iron Chef, Dean Fearring, Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulod and many other industry leaders. I worked at the Four Seasons Hotel at Los Colinas. I am looking forward to coming back to Texas in a couple of years. I am getting married to Brandy Sparks in January. I plan to work at the Four Seasons Hotel wen I graduate as a manager.

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Prause, James

2686 Bush Road; Cadiz, KY 42211

Year Graduated: 1979

Instrument(s) played: Trumpet

Memories and comments: Sometimes you don't know how good you've had it until you get the chance to see someplace else.

What I'm doing now: I am a Sergeant First Class serving as an instructor in the U.S. Army, 3 years from retirement.

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Roddy, Don

2016 Wengert; Las Vegas, NV 89104

Year Graduated: 1964

Instrument(s) played: Clarinet and bassoon

Memories and comments: I was in the band from 5th grade until graduation --and have only good memories .

What I'm doing now: casino work in Las Vegas

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Royal, Bobi Jo

8501 Jeanes Lane; Alvarado, TX 76009

Year Graduated: 1997

Instrument(s) played: Flute/ Color Guard

Memories and comments: I enjoyed being part of the AHS Golden Warrior Band Color guard more than anything else in high school. It was a fun filled and memorable experience!! I hope that everyone who gets the chance to be a member of this great organization enjoys it as much as I did when I was a member!!

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Shrader, Mary Helen (Martin)

4678 Plata Del Sol; Las Vegas, NV 89104

Year Graduated: 1960

Instrument(s) played: Tympani and other percussion instruments

Memories and comments: I was in the band from 5th grade until graduation --and have only good memories .

What I'm doing now: I am a grandmother of four and the administrator of a cardiology practice.  My husband, Harold, was also in the Alvarado High School Band.

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Smith, Shawn

Personal Web Site:

Year Graduated: 1999                                                              

Instrument Played: Alto Sax                                                        

Memories and comments: Memories? It was all one big blur. I remember John Burns getting hurt all the time, and I remember dating my fair share of clarinet players. Good future adviceguys, stay away from them. I have to admit I had fun in band, especially marching. I don't regret any of it. Thanks for the entertaining four years guys, I'll always remember it.

What I'm doing now: I work full time for a company that builds auxiliary equipment for plastic companies. Not currently enrolled in college. Paying for life is tough and expensive. So at the moment school is on the back burner. I get by, and have lots of fun doing it. I suppose that's what really counts.

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Sparks, Brandy

205 West Jessup; Alvarado, TX 76009

Year Graduated: 1998

Instrument(s) played: Trombone and baritone

Memories and comments: I have a lot of memories from my time in band, some good and some bad, but they were all worth it. I learned a lot, even a little about music. I made some great friends, most of whom I still talk to. Lets see, things I'll never forget: the trip to San Antonio, Jenn, Jeffy, and Ryan do you remember the Hard Rock, and the phone calls, and the window? hehehehe. And who could forget the cutest little Freshman ever? Andy, now you're not so little and just as cute. I could go on forever, but I won't. Thanks for all the great times.  Always remember dreams come true, maybe not when you expect it, but God has a plan.  Oh ya - Jenn, you should always leave your shorts on when putting on your uniform in the band hall. Love you guys!!!!

What I'm doing now: Ok, so I thought I had my whole life planned out, but I was wrong.  I will be attending Texas Wesleyan this year but after that, well, we'll all just have to wait and see.

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